Pakistan (District 3270)
(Chartered June 12, 1996)
* The Club contributed US$ 1,800 last year towards The Rotary Foundation. * Two new Paul Harris Fellows (PHFs) were added last year. * The Club received many awards at the District Conference.
The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands


Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison (RCLG) was chartered on June 12, 1996. It was organized in the Rotary traditions both in terms of its membership and objectives. The club objectives centered around the development of fellowship and understanding, promotion of high standards in business and professional practices, and enhancing international relations, goodwill and peace. The other major objective was service for mankind at the community, institutional and individual levels. In this behalf, the Four-Way test propounded by Rotary International steered our thoughts and actions in the pursuit of Rotary ideals.

CHARTER YEAR 1996 – 97 (Build the Future with Action and Vision)

The RCLG started its charter year with a well-designed comprehensive program of action in accordance with the Presidential theme of the year “Build the Future with Action and Vision.” The club activities were programmed under two categories namely Service to Mankind and Support to R.I. President’s Program. Charted President, Rtn. G. R. Siddiqui became the first Paul Harris Fellow of the year. The major accomplishments under the Service to Mankind category included adoption of Tarogill Village for community service and for socio-economic development as a long term project; provision of employment to three jobless persons; scholarships and monthly stipends to ten talented and deserving students; marriages of four orphan girls; set up five Polio Plus centers; setup 13 days eye camp at Sheikhupura, which carried out 300 cataract operations besides treating 2800 outdoor patients; carried out blood donation campaigns; arranged inter collegiate declamation contests and poster competition on environmental issues; support to The Trust School for laboratory equipment; awarded scholarships to two students for two years duration; organized two seminars on human rights; 3 days RYLA and several other activities.

Under the support to R.I. President’s Program, RCLG organized an Intercity Conference on Paul Harris 50th Anniversary; strengthened membership with over sixty percent increase; promoted vocational services through two workshops on teachers training and career counseling; recognized talented students and intellectual, political, business and professional dignitaries; and invited over a dozen eminent speakers during the weekly Rotary meetings. Four members of our club attended the R.I. Regional Conference in Bangkok. The concerted efforts and activities of RCLG were duly recognized in the Annual Rotary District Conference and RCLG was awarded eight different awards; the principal ones included “The Best Club” and “Best Rotarian of the Year” awards.

ROTARY YEAR 1997 – 98 (Show Rotary Cares)

Two pronged strategies was the hallmark of this year’s scope of activities of RCLG. First, continuation of the ongoing activities of the past year and second to initiate new activities of service and fellowship in vocational and philanthropic categories. The most prominent of these activities were continuation of community services listed in the previous year; a most active role and contributions to PolioPlus campaigns including two Polio Awareness Walks participated by eminent dignitaries and ministers and officials from Government of Punjab health and education departments; set up 10 Polio Camps on National Immunization Day; hosted PETS and District Assemblies as well as Intercity meetings. A chain of eminent speakers provided strength to weekly meetings. There were visible gains in fellowship activities between RCLG members as well as Rotarians from other clubs. We also hosted the GSE teams. President Rtn. Dr. Abdul Rahim Khan became second Paul Harris Fellow from our club. Club Secretary Rtn. Mian Shafeeq was recognized as the Outstanding Secretary at the Annual District Conference besides getting seven other awards for the club.

ROTARY YEAR 1998-99 (Follow Your Rotary Dream)

The club achieved another landmark this year by inducting a women president Rtn. Neelam Shah whose leadership qualities and devotion made RCLG more prominent both in Rotary circle as well as in print media. Leading political figures, philosophers and writers were invited to our weekly meetings. A sizeable community service project was initiated with the adoption of Lucklines Primary School. The school building was in ruins and the system of education was dwindling. Subsequently, RCLG has succeeded in obtaining a Matching Grant for this project. On the social side, Polio Awareness Walks, Drug Abuse Awareness Walks, National Days celebrations and enhanced print media and TV coverage of our activities were noticeable features of this year. The Club also set up more than 15 Polio Camps during each immunization campaign. The Club ended the year by getting nine different awards at the District Conference, the most the most prominent ones being the Outstanding Club, Outstanding Secretary (Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed) and Outstanding Seminar on Membership Development.

ROTARY YEAR 1999 – 2000 (Act with Consistency, Credibility and Continuity)

Besides continuation of the major projects and other service and fellowship activities, the Club’s strategy extended to cultural integration, enhancing fellowship activities and networking and partnerships with public sector agencies including health, education and social welfare departments, NGOs and voluntary groups. RCLG also invited social thinkers, leading film stars, air force heroes and other personalities as speakers and for the purpose of recognition on national days and during weekly meetings. Another prominent activity was in the field of environment – a poster competition among 12 colleges of Lahore. Polio Awareness Walk, Polio camps and recognition of talented children brought more recognition to the Club. The Club was recognized at the District Conference for its valuable contributions for the PolioPlus campaign.

ROTARY YEAR 2000 – 21 (Create Awareness, Take Action)

The momentum of activities of the previous year gained further strength by renewed emphasis on education and health activities. These included Polio camps at strategic locations, both in Lahore and outside; early disease detection camps in three schools and two colleges; lectures and eye camps along with avoidable blindness campaign; a comprehensive literacy campaign. The Club made concerted efforts for the Matching Grant projects and was able to find District 2430, Turkey as International Sponsor for its Lucklinees School project. The membership development was also another significant activity. The Club was recognized for its outstanding services in Literacy Promotion at the Annual District Conference.

ROTARY YEAR 2001 – 02 (Mankind is Our Business)

The current years is considered to be one of the most active and prominent years in the club’s history. Club web site ( was launched on July 1 - the first day of the Rotary year. Besides fellowship and service activities, RCLG supported the activities of Innerwheel Club, revived the Rotaract Club, and chartered Interact Club of Lahore Garrison, thus completing the Rotary family. RCLG Club sponsored Rotary Club of Sialkot, and got approved three Matching Grants worth US$ 34,000 for upgradation of facilities at the Lucklines School and for supply of medical equipment for free treatment of the poor at Safia Hanif Trust Hospital. Some of the other projects supported by our Club were Rising Sun School, Ganj Baksh Hospital and The Trust School. The Club successfully organized important Rotary seminars on PETS, District Assembly and Membership Development. A two days RYLA was held in December besides a Teachers Training Workshop for two days in March. Similarly, early disease detection camps and blood donation camps were organized throughout the year. Following the traditions from the past, a Polio Awareness Walk was also organized. Eminent speakers from political leadership, educationists, journalists and intellectual civil servants such as Ghinwa Bhutto, Agha Shahi, Dr. Shireen Mazari, Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Maj Gen (R) Saeed uz Zaman Janjua, Zahra Ashraf and Zaheer Babar were invited to the RCLG weekly meetings. The Club contributed US$ 4,583 towards The Rotary Foundation, the highest in Club’s history and added six new Paul Harris Fellows, which includes Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed, Dr. Maimoona Ali, Ms. Fatima Shehzad, Mrs. Zakia Siddiqui, Mr. Pervez Hanif, and Mr. Masood Hanif. The Club gained the confidence of Rotarians throughout the District as their guide for Matching Grants and other Rotary related information. The District management recognized the Club by giving awards for Outstanding Club, Outstanding President (Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed), Literacy Promotion and meritorious services in all avenues of service. The Club was also awarded Rotary Global Quest Award for membership development. RCLG also gained popularity through regular appearances in the print and electronic media.


During the relatively short period of operation, RCLG has covered scintillating milestones, extensive programs and activities of service and fellowship, which cannot be detailed out in this overview of the Club history. The Club has been successful in developing a fraternity of its members; has frequently provided occasions for family get together through outdoor picnics, social functions, Iftar parties, exchange of gifts on festivals and formal get together with dignitaries. It has played significant role in cultural integration especially on national and international days like Pakistan Day, Independence Day, Defence Day, Rotary events and UN Days etc. It has promoted inter club joint activities with more than half a dozen Rotary Clubs in Lahore. It has the honor of hosting some of the very important Rotary functions like President Elect Training Seminar (PETS), District Assemblies, Membership Development Seminars, Rotary Foundation Seminars etc. RCLG has also played host to the visits of foreign Rotarians from countries such as Canada, Turkey, USA, Philippines, Hong Kong, India and England. It has extended home hospitality to several foreign Rotarians individually as well as in groups. It has also served as repository of Rotary information and documentation to other clubs. Every year several members of our Club have held very important positions at the District level, such as Assistant Governors, District Chairmen, Zonal Coordinators and others. At times, it has provided guidance to other clubs in the formulation of projects for Matching Grants and on other procedures and formalities involved in obtaining such grants. RCLG has cultivated excellent relationships with international agencies, NGOs and volunteer organizations.

Finally, RCLG has earned a recognition for excellence and devotion to the cause of Rotary in the District 3270 as well as internationally. The enthusiasm and momentum for the pursuit of Rotary ideals is the beacon light for the current and upcoming office bearers as well as members of the RCLG. The ideal is supreme, the resolve is unflinching.

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