Pakistan (District 3270)
(Chartered June 12, 1996)
* The Club contributed US$ 1,800 last year towards The Rotary Foundation. * Two new Paul Harris Fellows (PHFs) were added last year. * The Club received many awards at the District Conference.
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FOR THE YEAR (2003-04)

Name of the Committee Name of Chairperson
I - Club Service Avenue  
Attendance & Classification
Sarwat Nawaz
Membership Development
G. R. Siddiqui
Programs and Fellowship
Sarwat Nawaz
Public Relations
M. Saddiq Chaudhry
Rotary Information
Shehzad Ahmed
Fund Raising
Amer Saleem
II - Vocational Service Avenue  
Career Development
M. Aslam Chaudhry
Vocational Awareness
S. Z. Rehman Moulvi
Vocational Awards
M. Siddique Rehan
Rotary Volunteers
G. R. Siddiqui
III - Community Service  
Rotary Community Corps (RCC)
Zeenat Rokhri
Syed Rashid Ali Rizvi
Environmental Protection
Aslam M. Shahab
Medical Services
G. R. Siddiqui
IV - International Service  
Int’l Youth Projects
Amer Saleem
The Rotary Foundation
Shehzad Ahmed
Polio Plus
Shehzad Ahmed
World Community Service
Saeed Chaudhry
Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships
M. Siddique Rehan
V - Youth Service
Rotaract Committee
M. Ali Lashari
Interact Committee
Amer Saleem
M. Siddique Rehan
Club Auditor
Arif Chaudhry & Company

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