Pakistan (District 3270)
(Chartered June 12, 1996)
* The Club contributed US$ 1,800 last year towards The Rotary Foundation. * Two new Paul Harris Fellows (PHFs) were added last year. * The Club received many awards at the District Conference.
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News 2001
Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison visited its club projects – Govt. Primary School, Lucklines and Safia Hanif Trust Hospital for which The Rotary Foundation has approved two Matching Grants. The Club will upgrade school facilities and provide medical equipment to the hospital. The Club organized Iftars during the month of Ramadan in the EGM Institute, Xinhua Restaurant and Services Club to enhance fellowship and to discuss club projects. District Governor Rtn. N. D. Tanwir visited the Lucklines school and distributed sweaters among the school children as Eid gift. He also appreciated the work being done by the club for the upgradation of school facilities. The Club members also visited the Rising Sun School for special children and distributed Eid Cards and Eid gifts for the special children. On another occasion, shoes were distributed among the Lucklines school children as part of The Rotary Foundation Matching Grant. Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed, the club president, also performed the ground-breaking ceremony for construction of another classroom in the school. Club elections were held for next Rotary year. Rtn. Aslam Shahab will assume the office of President on July 1, 2002 while Rtn. Usman Mati and Dr. Ghulam Sarwar were elected as Club Secretary and President Elect respectively. Club Web site ( was updated and now photo gallery link includes photographs of the club meetings and activities.

Chemical and Petrochemical News
December 2001

LAHORE (PR)-Rotary Club would make safe drinking water available in selected villages around Lahore and do fundraising for providing equipment to a trust hospital. These proposals were discussed by members of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison in their weekly meeting held at the EGM Institute. Rtn. Ajmal offered to provide full consultancy support on gratis basis for the drinking water project. The club president, Rtn, Shehzad Ahmed, requested members to donate generously for The Rotary Foundation which provides funds for the humanitarian projects.
The Club has already received A Matching Grant from the Foundation of facilities in a local government primary school.

The Nation, Pakistan
October 23, 2001

LAHORE (PR)-“ A grant received from The Rotary Foundation will be used to upgrade classroom and play ground facilities of a local government primary school, adopted by Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison. It will also include provision of text books, school supplies and winter clothing for the school children. This was stand by Rtn Shehzad Ahmed, the club president, in a meeting held at the EGM Institute of Management Sciences. The club members appreciated the efforts of the president for arranging the grant and resolved to apply for similar grants in future.

The club members also congratulated, Akram Sheikh and Rahman Moulvi for being elected as chairman and director for the association managing the Sohrab motorcycle/cycle factory.

The Nation, Pakistan
October 11, 2001

PPP-SB chairperson Ghinwa Bhutto said no US reward could possibly balance the scale between what the interest of the region compels us to do on one hand and what the US administration wishes us to do on the other. Pakistan should convince the United States into a peaceful solution. Addressing a Rotary Club meeting Friday PPP-SB leader said Pakistan’s concern over the civilian’s safety in Afghanistan is inevitable. The ties between Afghanistan and Pakistan are of ethnic nature. Afghans have relatives in Pakistan and naturally they will look towards them for relief. To Pakistan, any aggression on Afghanistan will only add to the Afghans and Pakistanis suffering, she said and added though the US aggression has not taken place yet, reports speculate that seven million refugees will flock to Pakistan within the next few weeks. She said the stakes today are the sovereignty of Pakistan, the Saarc region, the Islamic countries and the future of the new emerging realities in the world. She said Saarc agenda would not be implemented if the region was again going on a warpath. Be sides an aid-based economy in Pakistan will delay an economic policy of self-reliance.

The News, Pakistan
October 6, 2001

LAHORE-The PPP (SB) Chairperson, Ghinwa Bhutto, said that US is not a friend of small nations, instead it develop ties with them based on hegemony. She was speaking on “Present global scenario and Pakistan” jointly organized by Rotary Club Lahore (Central and Garrison chapters) at a local hotel on Friday. She also answered questions raised by the audience. PPP (SB) Punjab President, Dr Mubashar Hassan was prominent among the participants. Ghinwa said the US help to nationalist movements all over the world is not in support for their autonomy, but rather in line with its policy of hegemony. She was of the view that disastrous consequences were awaiting US, if it used the nationalist of the new Central Asian Republics. Russia had offered unconditional support to US offensive against Taliban and agreed to send ammunitions to the Northern Alliance as well, she said adding that if Russia wishes to repeat its past mistake in Afghanistan, that is no reason for Pakistan to follow suit. The Afghans have never tolerate foreign interference into their internal affairs, she commented. The PPP (SB) head also said that time is on Pakistan side. She maintained that OIC meeting has changed its stand by unholding its support to the UN resolution asking its member countries to crack down on source of financial and logistic support for alleged terrorists, she asserted. She said President Bush had announced war without providing convincing proofs against Osama bin Laden. In view of the prevalent situation, Ghinwa commented that the UN, European Union, OIC SAARC and other organizations have momentarily ceased to exist. She maintained that Pakistan’s concern over the civilians’ safety in Afghanistan is inevitable as ties between both the nations are of ethnic nature and in case of US aggression, sufferings of both would add. Responding to a question, Ghinwa said Benazir Bhutto had not only different stand on issues from her, but also different from that of her father (Z A Bhutto). Commenting on performance of Foreign Office, Ms Bhutto said Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar was not doing a bad job. It is not business of Pakistan and the US to decide whether Taliban are representatives of the Afghan people or not, she said responding to another question. She said it was difficult for the US to again support against Taliban to attack Afghanistan. Pakistan authorities are still trying to find out a solution and pacifying the Taliban and the US, she added. She said the whole world is not satisfied on evidence against Osama bin Laden. To a question she said that there were no chances of threats to roadmap to democracy announced by President Gen Pervez Musharraf. However, she said the political workers should mount their pressure for fulfilling the roadmap to democracy. To a question, she agreed that the US should review and analyse her policies towards the Muslim world before jumping into conclusion, commenting the Arabs are telling this to US authorities.

The Nation, Pakistan
October 6, 2001

“The Rotary International World Community Service (WCS) Initiative made it possible for Sohrab Factory to supply low – cost UNITY wheel-chairs to underprivileged community in Madagascar, Africa with funding from a Rotary club France and with assistance from Rotary club of Lahore Garrison. The project also involved the Wheelchair Foundation and the ITC of United Nations this WCS project also helped the Club in including quality members belonging to Sohrab Factory management and the retired officials from the retired officials from the UN”. The club president, informed the audience during a vocational visit of Rotary members and their families to the Sohrab Factory.
The visit was arranged by the Chairman, and Director who are also members of the club. The delegation appreciated the level of commitment shown by the factory workers, which was evident from the quality of their products and cleanliness in the factory. The bulging process fascinated the young visitors in which a rubber rod was re-used to deform metal cylinders into the required shape.
The visit was followed by a delicious lunch. At the end Dr. Abdur Rahim Khan, renowned town planner, offered vote of thanks for the hospitality shown by the Sohrab management. He also appreciated the forward and backward linkage of the factory with their vendors. *

The News, Pakistan
November 4, 2001

THE Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison and PARADISE Saturday organized a polio awareness walk from Directorate of Health to the Lahore Zoo. Lahore Nazim Mian Aamir Mahmood led the walk, which was participated by DG Health Dr Yaqoob Jaffar, Rotary Club president Shehzad Ahmed, the officials of the Health Department, NGOs and schoolchildren. Aamir urged people to actively participate in the war against polio. Other speakers also urged parents to ensure their children were administered polio drops on September 25-27.

The News, Pakistan
September 23, 2001

ROTARY Club of Lahore Garrison will organize a polio awareness walk on Saturday (today) from Directorate of Health Cooper Road to Bagh-e-Jinnah. The walk will be led by provincial health and social welfare ministers and district nazim. The objective of the walk is to create awareness about the deadly disease and to urge the parents to provide the polio vaccine drops to their children on the National Immunization Day (NID) on September 25-27.

The Nation, Pakistan
September 22, 2001

LAHORE – Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison and PARADISE are organizing a Polio Awareness Walk on Saturday (today). The walk will start from Directorate of Health, Cooper Road and end at Bagh e Jinnah. The walk will be led by Minister of Health, Minister for Social Welfare and the District Nazim. The walk is being organized to create awareness about the deadly polio disease and to urge parents to provide the polio vaccine drops to their children on the national immunization campaign from September 25-27.

The News, Pakistan
September 22, 2001

LAHORE (PR) – Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison held a meeting to discuss strategies for increasing membership of the Club. Projects in health and education sector were also reviewed. Shehzad Ahmed, President of the Club, informed about the progress of matching grants for a govt primary school and a hospital. Sarwat Nawaz informed about the donations collected for the flood victims in Rawalpindi area.

The Nation, Pakistan
September 11, 2001

LAHORE: Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison and Inner wheel Club organized a joint meeting at the Race Course Park. The meeting was attended by a large gathering of Rotarians, Inner wheel members.

The News, Pakistan
August 4, 2001

LAHORE: Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison and Inner wheel Club organized a joint meeting cum picnic party at the Race Course Park here on Thursday and decided to organize social activities such as Eid Milan parties and programmers for the special children. On this occasion, Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed informed about his visit to The Rising Sun School, an institution for slow learners and special children. The meeting was attended by a large numbers and their families.

The Nation, Pakistan
August 3, 2001

LAHORE-Rotary Clubs of Lahore Garrison and Model Town organized a seminar on literacy awareness. Mr Jamil Najam, Project Director of Community Public Participation (CPP), highlighted main features of the government’s plan to upgrade existing government school in the afternoon to provide educational facilities to the community with participation of NGOs and educated individuals. Earlier, Shehzad Ahmed welcomed the participants and informed that his club has already adopted a govt primary school.

The Nation, Pakistan
July 22, 2001

LAHORE-Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison would organise camps in various educational institutions throughout the year for early detection of diseases. This was started by Club President Rtn. Shehzad Ahmad in a weekly meeting of the club. He also announced a Matching grant from the Rotary Foundation for upgradation of existing facilities at Government Primary School, Lucklines, Lahore Cantt.

The Nation, Pakistan
July 15, 2001

LAHORE-Joint Installation Ceremony of Rotary clubs in Lahore was held here Friday at a local hotel. District Governor, N.D. Tanwir, installed the new district officials and presidents of various Rotary Clubs. Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison received the recognition for having the maximum participation and for inducting maximum new members during the ceremony. Shehzad Ahmed also presented his final contribution towards the Paul Harris Fellowship recognition to the District Governor.

The Nation, Pakistan
July 7, 2001


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