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(Chartered June 12, 1996)
* The Club contributed US$ 1,800 last year towards The Rotary Foundation. * Two new Paul Harris Fellows (PHFs) were added last year. * The Club received many awards at the District Conference.
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News 2004

The Daily Din, Pakistan
December 1, 2004

Members of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison visited the Kujer village near Sheikhupura to distribute uniforms among the students of two government elementary schools for boys and girls. Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed, Rtn. Amer Saleem, Rtn. Ali Lashari and Frank Quinn, a Rotary volunteer participated in the distribution ceremony. The school headmaster and headmistress thanked the Rotary Club for this charity and made a commitment to work hard in imparting quality education to the school children.

The distribution of clothes was made possible with assistance from The Rotary Foundation through its Matching Grant programme. Rotary Club of Glenville and Rotary International Districts 7190, 7870 and 7620 from USA acted as the International Sponsors. Through the same grant, the Rotary Club has donated a computer lab to Kujer village and has provided furniture, toilet facilities and electric fans to both schools. It will also provide shoes and sweaters to the students before the Eid ul Fitr.

The Nation, Pakistan
October 28, 2004

Members of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison visited the computer lab in Kujer village near Sheikhupura that has been donated with assistance from The Rotary Foundation through its Matching Grant program.

Rotary Club of Glenville and Rotary International Districts 7190, 7870 and 7620 from USA acted as the International Sponsors. Frank Quinn, son of a Rotarian from Glenville USA spent a month in the village as volunteer and helped in setting up the computer lab and taught computers to the villagers and the school children. The Rotary Club is also providing basic necessities to two elementary schools in the same village, which includes furniture, toilet facilities, electric water coolers and fans to the schools and clothing, shoes and sweaters to the students. Rtn. Shehzad Ahmed informed that similar necessities are also being provided to two other schools in rural Faisalabad through the Matching Grants. He also expressed his appreciation for the excellent support and coordination provided by Lon-Helen Welfare Society.

The Nation, Pakistan
October 16, 2004

Lahore (PR) – Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison distributed books among the students of two Govt Elementary Schools in Kujer, District Sheikhupura. The Kujer villagers warmly welcomed the guests with garlands. Rotarians Saeed Chaudhry and Shehzad Ahmed briefly addressed the school children and motivated them to study diligently and make their families proud. Later the books were distributed among the students. The students were very happy to receive the gifts as the happiness could be seen from their smiling faces.

This gift was made possible with the help of a Matching Grant from The Rotary Foundation with the participation of Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison, Rotary Club of Glenville USA and Rotary International Districts 7190, 7870 and 7620 from USA. The grant will also provide furniture and toilet facilities to both schools and stationery supplies, clothing and shoes to all the students. At the end, the school teachers thanked the Rotary Club for this humanitarian project and pledged to provide the best possible education to the children.

The Nation, Pakistan
June 13, 2004

Lahore, Mar.27 (ANI): Noted peace activist, Dr. Mubashar Hassan, has said that the Bush administration's move to declare Pakistan major non-NATO ally could harm Indo-Pakistan peace steps in the long run.
"The United States has never wanted peace in South Asia so that it could use it as a market for arms etc. It always protected and supported dictatorship in Pakistan against democracy for the assurance of success of its plan," Hassan, a founding member of the Pak-India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), was quoted by the Daily Times, as saying.
Hassan was delivering a lecture on 'Indo-Pak relations - Past and Future' arranged by the Rotary Club Garrison and the Rotary Club Midtown.
"What worries me is that both sides have done nothing about Kashmir," he said.
"They are not allowed to visit places in India and Pakistan on their own. The governments on both sides have put restrictions on them," he added.
He said America should have consulted India before making the announcement about Pakistan.
"The US wants to please the Army which protects its interests in Pakistan because the US has always supported dictatorships in Pakistan,"he claimed. (ANI)

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India News, India
March 27, 2004


LAHORE-PARADISE, an NGO, organized a one- day training workshop on “Effective Business Communication” as a Part of its monthly “Leadership Training Program for the Youth.” PROMARK and Rotary Club of Lahore Garrison sponsored the workshop.
Shehzad Ahmed and Nawab Ali conducted the training session as resource persons and provided training to the participants on grammar and sentence structure, business letter formats, writing effective letters and memos and, tips on report writing with examples from actual business correspondence.
At the end of the Workshop the participants shared their appreciation for the training program and mentioned that such programs help them in performing better in their professional careers.
The Leadership Training Program was started in November last year and this was the third workshop under this program.

The Nation, Pakistan
January, 2004


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